In 2017 we will surprise you.

CORES ITALIA Soc. Coop started from the largest workers buyout in Italy giving a new identity to the historical brand ‘Cooplegno di Castelvetro di Modena’ that since 1947 has undergone continuous transformations and is synonymous with experience, reliability and an extensive knowledge of its product, the door.
The drive behind this new CORES ITALIA Soc. Coop. business venture is the desire to give continuity to the valuable entrepreneurial history of this magnificent area and the passion of the people who live there.


More than 100 workers have joined forces, investing their resources in order to overcome a moment of difficulty for the company that was also caused by the recession in the construction industry, with the objective of creating a project designed to bring out true cooperative values.
With a view to creating true collaboration, development and research for continuous professional development, the employee-owners, led by a new management team, face a corporate reality in a difficult but dynamic and challenging context.

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